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The Design Session for Category and Family:

Jillian creates unique artistic portraits with the personal touch her clients expect. The utmost thought and care go into each and every session.

Every person and every family is unique therefore every slideshow, storybook, album, or portrait is an original work of art created for all.

Prior to the portrait session, Jillian with her associate/design consultant will work with you to design the look and feel of your upcoming portrait.

We will ask questions to learn more about your family lifestyle, and talk to you about clothing, makeup and the general logistics of the portrait session. Also you will pre-view a selection of fine art papers, canvas, storybook designs and other options for your custom selection.

There is no obligation or charge for the design session. However, should you decide to secure our services, a creation fee is then paid to reserve the date for your portrait session.

The Portrait Session:

This is the third step in the artistic process, where your family's portrait session turns into a painting in progress. Prepare to have a great time the experience is a lot of fun for all! We take breaks as necessary so there is no stress or pressure.

Information on Screening the Portraits here